Mohurs is for Everyone

We want to organize card spending to earn more rewards faster and save using card-linked offer and coupons. No more random use of cards while shopping in-store and online.

What does Mohurs mean ?

A "Mohur" is a gold coin that was formerly minted by several governments, including British India and some of the Princely States which existed alongside it, the Mughal Empire, Nepal, and Afghanistan. It was usually equivalent in value to fifteen silver rupees.

Who We Are

Mohurs is based in sunny Silicon Valley, California. Mohurs is developed by a team of engineers.

Our founder had trouble in deciding which credit card to use while shopping in-store & online to take maximum benefit of rewards program linked to credit cards.

By not using the right card for right merchants it was frustrating to miss offers linked to credit cards. This resulted in losing money on every transaction & chance of earning maximum rewards on credit cards.


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